9 Different Mixer Grinder Blade Types and Uses

Are you looking to find out the various mixer grinder blade types and uses? You’ve come to the right place as we’ve thoroughly researched and prepared this piece of content for you.

Gone are the days when we used to grind spices using a grinding stone or prepare fresh juices with hand-operated juicers.

Today, we have a variety of kitchen appliances for such things.

One of them is a multi-purpose kitchen appliance, a mixer grinder, which is commonly found in every household.

There are many mixer grinders available in the market, but you’ve to make sure to choose the one that suits your needs, you can check this guide for help with finding the Best Mixer Grinders in India.

It comes with different types of blades which come with their particular uses.

We can use these blades for almost every purpose. From preparing fresh juice in the morning to pounding spices for dinner, there are separate blades for every cooking need.

In this article, we will be discussing the function and uses of these blades in detail.

Mixer grinders usually have three jars which are:

  • Chutney Jar
  • Multi-purpose container
  • Dry Grinding jars/Wet Grinding jars
We have thoroughly researched and found out the 9 different blades and their uses which you’re going to read today to get the required knowledge.

Mixer Grinder Blade Types and Uses
Mixer Grinder Blade Types and Uses

But most of us are unaware of the types of blades available with mixer grinders and how to use them.

If you want to know more about the mixer grinder blade types and their uses then you have landed at the right place.

Mixer Grinder Blade Types and Uses

There are different mixer grinder blades and their uses with separate attachments for various types of grinding requirements.

These blades are available separately and can be changed as per the requirement.

We will also be discussing the way to change the blades of a mixer grinder so that you can use it accordingly.

Each grinder blade has its benefits and uses as per what the underlying purpose is.

In a short glimpse, these are the 9 different blades:

  • Wet Grinding Blade
  • Dry Grinding Blade
  • Chutney Blade
  • Pounding Blade
  • Whisking Blade
  • Chopping Blade
  • Blending Blade
  • Kneading Blade
  • Extraction Blade

Let’s discuss the specifications and uses of every blade in detail.

Wet Grinding Blade

Wet grinding blades that are used in the mixer grinders are powerful blades.

These wet grinding blades can create a powerful vortex that enables drawing in all of the mixtures towards the blades that have sharp edges.

The shape of it could be W-like or like a wave.

You can even use the wet grinder blade to grind onions or prepare batter for dosa batter and idli or use them to crush soaked lentils.

If you crush soaked lentils manually using a grinding stone it’ll take a lot of time hence use it with a wet grinding jar for saving time and energy.

Not only that but it can also be used to prepare fruit milkshakes, delicious drinks, yummy smoothies, and prepare food pastes.

Dry Grinding Blade

You might get confused between a dry grinding blade variant and a wet blade because both of them are similar in shape.

The dry grinder blade has a wavy type blade design which is the reason for your confusion.

The dry grinding blades variant is used for grinding dry spices and dry masala powders.

As a ground rule, if you want any dry ingredient to be converted to powdered form then you may use this.

Mostly Indian cuisine is based on using dry masala powders in food preparation. Hence, for preparing masala powders you may find this tool great.

Not only spices, masala, or grinding cloves but you can also prepare fresh coffee powder by grinding coffee seeds using the dry grinder blade.

Also put in some powdered sugar which by the way, you can also make by yourself by grinding some sugar granules and pouring in some milk to get that amazing morning coffee.

Chutney Blade

You may find the chutney blade similar to the dry grinding blades as both of them have two prongs.

The chutney grinding blade comes as a standard attachment accessory with your mixer grinders.

You can use the chutney grinding blade to make chutneys with the help of a chutney jar.

To ensure optimum grinding efficiency chutney blades are closely kept to the bottom surface.

Using the chutney grinding blades you can make a fine paste, prepare food pastes, or even onion pastes.

After you’re done, just clean the chutney grinding blades with a damp cloth or follow the instruction manual to know how to clean them.

Pounding Blade

The pounding blade is used for pounding as the name itself suggests and it has got 4-prong, thick blunt edges.

Your grandmothers might have used a grinding stone and pound to make garam masala or other dry powders.

Using the pounding blade you can get the same effect minus all the hard work.

These pounding blades are super sharp and can easily pound or grind any spice into a fine powder.

The pounding blade also comes under the dry grinding blade type.

The end product or residue after grinding is coarse in texture, which is perfect for garam masala and other spices.

Whisking Blade

You rarely get to see the whisking blade from the mixer grinder brands in India.

Usually, the whisking blade comes as an attachment to the food processor.

You can even prepare homemade mayonnaise using your preferred ingredients with the help of this blade.

You don’t get any whisking jar but you can attach it to a wet grinding jar.

By using this attachment you can make whipping cream or whisk buttermilk. You can even whisk eggs and prepare a fluffy omelet in seconds.

Chopping Blade

You don’t get the chopping blade on all the types of mixer grinders, but you get them only in some brands like Preethi and Sujata (Dynamix).

This chopping or mincing blade can be used to chop vegetables and mince meat.

If your multipurpose jar or wet grinding jar has removable blades then you can put on this chopping blade.

You can use the mincing blade it to chop the vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, or onion.

Blending Blade

To blend ingredients into a smooth consistency like purees and pastes these types of blades are used.

In some juicer jars or mixer grinders, you may find that these blades come attached to the bottom of the blender jar.

It looks star-shaped or X-shaped and has 6-blades which are also called wing blades while the other one has 4 blades.

You can see the 4-blade configuration commonly in household mixer grinders.

Have you ever enjoyed a margarita, frozen drink, or blend juices? If yes then it is prepared using the help of the wing blades that are flat and blunt.

They have the ability to easily grind dry ingredients and can also be used for crushing ice.

Some grinders also come with a feature known as the “Bullet” blending blades.

They are multi-purpose blades that can easily change from X-shape to wing shape according to the needs.

Other uses of blending blades include the preparation of soups, fruit juices, salad dressings, frozen drinks, or any kitchen chore where the liquid is involved.

Wherever liquids are involved you can see blending blades being used.

You can prepare frozen drinks, ice creams, vegetable soups, fruit juices, and whatnot using these.

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Kneading Blade

Are you still kneading atta using your hands? If yes, then here is an amazing solution for you. The kneading blade it is!

By using this kneading blade you can easily knead the dough of any sort very swiftly and easily minus the mess.

Isn’t this an amazing solution and retirement for your hands to make dough?

You just have to put all the dry ingredients into the processing bowl or jar with the required amount of oil and water.

Within a few seconds, your dough is ready for you to make rotis, phulkas, and whatnot!

Coming to the blade design aspect of the kneading blades they are mostly made using plastic material and are blunt.

The only problem with the usage of plastic material is that some people don’t like it and also have issues with durability.

You can happily take the help of these kneading blades to knead semi-solid ingredients to a perfect doughy consistency.

Extraction Blade

The extraction blade is used to blend fruits and vegetables into a smooth consistency and later take out the juice from them.

You may have used a hand-operated juicer at your home for juicing manually or have seen one of them outside.

By using these extraction blades you save time as well as reduce the hard work.

You don’t have to buy a juicer separately and waste your money. All you have to do is change the blade from your mixer jar and extract the juice.

It helps to extract all the juice from the thick skin or pulp of both fruits and vegetables. Later the juice gets passed through the sieve which separates pulp and juice.

You can give your body natural freshly made dry fruits juice without any loss of nutrients through this process.

Mixer Grinder Blade Uses

Since we have discussed the major useful functions of all types of mixer grinder blades let’s now see their uses.

  • Wet Grinding Blade: To prepare idli batter, a fine paste of food, and grinding lentils that are soaked.
  • Dry Grinding Blade: To grind any dry spices or coffee beans.
  • Chutney Blade: As the name suggests, to prepare chutneys, pastes of wet solid ingredients.
  • Pounding Blade: For grinding pulses and spices.
  • Whisking Blade: Mashing potatoes, whisking eggs, whipping cream, and whisking buttermilk.
  • Chopping Blade: To finely chop various veggies, or to mince meat.
  • Blending Blade: To make fruit or vegetable juices, milkshakes, and smoothies.
  • Kneading Blade: To knead doughs or atta.
  • Extraction Blade: To make nutrition-kept juices.

How to Change Blades in a Mixer Grinder?

Almost all the mixers nowadays have the above-discussed blades. You’re now aware of the uses and functions.

But some of you may not know how to change blades in a mixer grinder appropriately.

To cater to this need of yours, below is the step-by-step information to change the mixer grinder blades.

  1. First, you need to hold the coupler that’s on the underside of the jar using one hand.
  2. Next, by rotating in the clockwise direction you have to slowly loosen the screws using a spanner.
  3. Take out the blade from the jar.
  4. Similarly, take another blade that you want to attach to the jar.
  5. Lastly, you have to tighten the screw by rotating it in an anti-clockwise direction till it gets set in its place.

Make sure you follow it properly and change the blade as per your cooking needs. Be careful and take safety precautions to avoid any accidents.

If you’d like to see a video to help you out, below is one for you.


Hoping that you have gained the information on the Different Mixer Grinder Blade Types and Uses.

It is very convenient these days to use various types of mixer grinder attachments for any type of kitchen chore.

By just attaching an appropriate blade any sort of tiring work gets done within seconds.

You’ve to keep in mind that in order to take the benefits you have to check whether the mixer grinder blades mentioned above are coming with the mixer or not. Try to get the best mixer grinder that has as many as possible.

If you still have any confusion, make sure to read the instruction manual you got from the manufacturer to ensure you get the maximum usage benefit.

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