Food Processor vs Mixer Grinder: Ultimate Comparison

Are you looking to find out which is the best among food processor vs mixer grinder? then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll help you make a better purchase decision by giving you all the differences between food processors and mixer grinders.

Many women across the globe have made their lives easier by using technology in the kitchen for food preparation.

Mixer Grinder and Food Processor are such kitchen appliances that have features which help you in making your life easier.

food processor vs mixer grinder
Food Processor vs Mixer Grinder

What is a Food Processor?

difference between food processor vs mixer grinder
Mixer Grinder vs Food Processor

Food processor is a feature-loaded kitchen appliance that helps in mixing, kneading dough, chopping vegetables, shredding cheese, chopping veggies, and fruits, all thanks to its powerful motor.

A food processor can help in cooking almost all the types of dishes and food items preparations of India in Indian kitchen.

By helping slice, dice, and chop the raw ingredients when put inside the feeding tube of the food processor which gets collected in the food processor bowl.

From slicing shredding, kneading chapati, roti, and puri dough/pizza dough or grinding idly batter, cake batter and dosa batter, the Food processor has got everything covered for you. Just insert into feed tube.

You don’t need to buy bread, chappati or dosa batter from store as you can make dough for roti using a food processor.

Basic Food processors comes with various types of copper motor such as the 1000W Food Processor, 1100-watt motor food processor and 600-Watt Food Processor.

These are among the few for slicing shredding and other tasks.

Uses of Food Processors

A food processor falls under the category of appliances that has many uses in the kitchen, from grinding your idli batter, coffee beans, and sugar to kneading atta. From shredding cheese to chopping vegetables.

You can even use it to make smoothies and juices or any liquid drinks using the food processor by using the proper additional attachments apart from using it to chop vegetables.

Not only can the food processor make the above-mentioned things with this electric appliance but it is also capable to prepare fresh homemade baby food.

Food processor won’t let you cry. Yes, you’ve read that right! You don’t have to shed tears from your eyes while you cut onions if you use a food processor.

You also get different functions and technology in these appliances like the pulse function in the food processor which helps you to have more control over your food processing tasks with ease.

Most of its parts are dishwasher safe but to be sure you can check the manual.

You can also use it for chopping vegetables. Check out this article on How to chop vegetables using a Food Processor.

There are some terrible food processor or mixer grinder available in the market so make sure you buy one from the list we mentioned in this article.

If you use the chopper blade then it is the best way to chop onions in a food processor as there’s no need for you to cut them for very long time using a knife for all these tasks.

You can literally save a lot of your time and energy if you use a food processor and can be tension free since most of them come with overload protection and jar locks.

If you are a homemaker or if you go to the office, you know that you have a variety of tasks other than cooking food for your large family and yourself.

If you have to spend a lot of time just in the kitchen to prepare food wouldn’t it be a tedious task?

Also, how will you do other day-to-day activities and functions?

If you cut vegetables manually using a knife or any other tool you know how time-consuming the process is.

There’s even a risk of cutting yourself while cutting vegetables if you ever wish to do the work quickly.

What if there’s a convenient and cost-effective solution to this problem of yours?

The all-in-one solution is getting yourself a food processor which comes with a variety of accessories that will help you a lot in preparing a variety of foods.

Since this type of multi purpose kitchen appliance comes with additional accessories like sharp blades, It also has safety features and functions like the in-built child safety function that has a locking mechanism.

For anyone to turn the appliance on, it must be locked properly or else the motor won’t start and blades won’t rotate.

An ideal food processor comes with different types of blades and attachments as accessories.

These attachments of food processor are usually changeable blades used for different functions.

Below are the various detachable blades and attachments used for various purposes that are attached to the bowl of the food processor.

Types of Blades and Attachments of Food Processors

Chopper Blade – This blade attachment is used to chop tough ingredients like hard-to-chop vegetables, and meat.

Chutney Blade – This type of attachment is used to make yummy and tasty chutneys.

You can make curry pastes, fine puree, smooth paste, tomato puree, and green chutneys using leafy vegetables.

Dry Grinding Blade to grind ingredients – The dry grinding blade can be used to grind nuts, dry spices like red chilies, and different spices.

You can grind spices at home freshly without buying packaged ones.

Sharp Blades for Kneading dough – With the help of a kneading blade you can knead atta using the dough blade food processor attachment for making dough.

Slicing Disc – Slicing blades are a food processor attachment that helps you to slice vegetables properly for you to enjoy healthy salads as sides when you eat your favorite dishes.

Shredding Disc – Out of the many attachments, the shredding blade lets you shred cheese or vegetables.

Grating Disc – If you want to make a carrot halwa, you have to grate the carrot.

So to grate vegetables or coconut, you can use the shredding disc.

Citrus Juicer Attachments for liquids- Citrus juicer is used to make juices and smoothies from citrus fruits like orange. Centrifugal juicers are an alternative for this.

These are the various attachments and various blades which come with food processors which can be attached to the bowl.

Using the food processor and the additional features given you can also be making butter.

All you’ve to do is pour the heavy cream into it and turn it on. In a few minutes, you’ll have butter separated from the liquid.

If you want to make some smooth baby food for your little loved one then you can do it with the food processor.

So, these are some of the amazing uses and advanced features mentioned in this article on food processor vs mixer grinder.

Usha FP 3811 Food Processor comes with additional attachments like the centrifugal juicer attachment using which you can prepare juice from fruits.

If you want to know how it is used, then please watch the below video.

Pros of Food Processors

  • Food processor can process wide variety of ingredients
  • Cook for a big family quickly
  • No need to make atta dough with hands as it can knead dough for you.
  • Food processor helps make healthy salads in a minute
  • Helps you save a lot of time and effort
  • Uses 600-1000 watts of power

Cons of Food Processors

  • Food processor takes much space than mixer grinder
  • Price is a bit more
  • Not really good when it comes to handle liquids

Price Range of Food Processor

A food processor is a must for every kitchen because it saves time and effort while performing any type of kitchen task.

You just have to spend a bit more but the return you get is actually worth that extra money you’ve spent as you don’t have to spend much energy.

The price range of a food processor starts from Rs. 5,000 and goes up to Rs. 11,000 INR.

Read the best food processor India for a complete review and buying guide to get the best deal for your money.

The price difference between a food processor vs mixer grinder might be a bit more, but you get what you pay for.

You get a lot of features and more capacity than the mixer grinder for your daily chores.

What is a Mixer Grinder?

what is a mixer grinder

A Mixer Grinder is a handy kitchen appliance but it does not come with various attachments.

A Powerful Mixer grinder does all the basic grinding like dry grinding and wet grinding.

Mixer grinder comes with different jars for various purposes.

Some mixer grinder brands also provide an extra jar for grinding or preparing chutneys or for different purposes.

You can make smooth batter, prepare fruit juice or liquid recipes using the juicer jar, make homemade masalas using dry ingredients and more.

Usually, high-quality mixer grinder comes with stainless steel jars unlike basic food processors. Some people may confuse juicer mixer grinder with mixer grinder but both are different.

Uses of Mixer Grinders

Mixer grinders have many uses in the kitchen as an appliance just like the kitchen chimneys and other kitchen equipment.

Most or all of them come along with a powerful motor and three jars for various types of grinding.

You can use the mixer grinder to grind your batter, make chutneys using the chutney jar, prepare fresh juice using the juicer jar, use it for chopping food items.

You can achieve all this with a smooth consistency and decent storage space with the benefit of three jars.

Mixer grinder comes with basic components like different motor capacity unlike the food processors that come with powerful motor.

You can make fruit juices in small quantities using the juicer attachments by putting the fruit pieces in the grinder.

Some of the mixer grinders also come with a polycarbonate lids which act as a lock mechanism so that the mix ingredients can’t come out of the mixer grinder jar.

If you use your mixer grinder mostly for grinding dry ingredients or for grinding batter (wet ingredients) then you must opt for more than 750W capacity.

Additionally, if you have a large family then you may buy a food processor that has a motor with 750W or 1000W.

If you use your best mixer grinder function only for making smooth pastes, fine purees or smoothies then you can get your work done with any capacity below 750W.

If you have small families then you may use a motor that has power between 750W up to 500W.

Mixer grinders usually have more power consumption in the range of 500 to 1000 watts.

They come with two jars or 3 jars that are for dry and wet grinding along with a set of different blades.

If you want to get yourself a mixer grinder or stand mixers then do read the review and buying guide of the best mixer grinder in India.

Pros of Mixer Grinders

  • Affordable than food processor
  • Doesn’t take a lot of space (less space required as compared to processor)
  • Easy to use and has a compact design
  • 500-1000 watts of power consumption
  • Comes with stainless steel jars
  • Doesn’t overcut vegetables
  • Can make puree without mess

Cons of Mixer Grinders

  • You cannot use it if you have to prepare food for more people.
  • If the motor capacity is less, you cannot use it for a longer duration.
  • Some of the models of the mixer grinder make loud noise

Price Range of Mixer Grinder

Regular mixer grinders cannot be a complete alternative to the food processor.

As it is not suitable to do some things which food processor does comfortably and they’re an upgraded version of grinders.

But, if you don’t have the budget or don’t want to get yourself a food processor then you can get a mixer grinder for yourself.

The price range of mixer grinder starts from Rs 2,500 INR.

You must buy a mixer that fits your price range.

Food Processor vs Mixer Grinder – Which is better?

The main difference between a food processor and mixer grinder is that a mixer grinder can only be used for dry grinding, wet grinding, making smoothies and shakes, preparing chutneys.

Whereas, a Food Processor can do everything that a mixer grinder can do and more.

These are two devices that are useful which you’ve to decide on depending upon your usage and budget.

If kept aside the difference between mixer grinder and food processor, Both are ideal for Indian cooking.

In the difference between food processor and mixer grinder, you can buy a mixer grinder that comes with a chopper jar if you can’t afford a processor.

But processor and mixer grinder have their own benefits.

You may choose the right food processor or mixer grinder size before you buy them as there are a wide range of these appliances in the market like a blender.

If you have the budget, then you may go for a compact food processor or else buy a mixer grinder that comes with three jar.

Also, the food processor consumes more electricity as compared to the mixer.

This is the conclusion of the Food Processor vs Mixer Grinder, difference between Mixer Grinder and Food Processor.

Browse through our blog for more information like this article on food processor and mixer grinder details.

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