Difference Between 500w and 750w Mixer Grinder

Are you looking to find out the difference between 500w and 750w Mixer Grinder? If your answer to this question is Yes, then you’re at the right place.

After thoroughly researching, we’ve found out the factors and differences between 500 and 750 Watt Mixer Grinder.

You’ll save yourself some money and time as we’ll explain to you everything about these two different wattage mixer grinders and which one will be suitable for you.

Also, we have covered the Best 750 Watt Mixer Grinder in India and if you’re interested please read it right after reading this article.

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Difference Between 500w and 750w Mixer Grinder

Difference Between 500w and 750w Mixer Grinder

If you’re not sure whether to buy a 500-watt mixer grinder or a 750-watt mixer grinder read the below guide which compares both segments in terms of:

  • Build Quality
  • Pricing
  • Grinding Performance
  • Noise Levels
  • Durability
  • Jars
  • RPM
  • Power Consumption

We know that it is difficult for you to choose between the two when most or all of the features are kind of similar to you.

That’s the reason we’ve divided the factors you should be looking for when you’re willing to buy.

Build Quality

The build quality of the 500W model would be normal when compared to that of the 750W model.

The reason behind this is simple, as the 500W model is less priced the brands use plastic here and there to cut costs.

So you cannot expect the mixer having 500W to have amazing build quality.

On the other hand, the 750Watt mixer costs more than the 500W model hence the brands would most likely be using good materials.

This makes the 750-Watt mixer to be better and more reliable in terms of build quality.

Also since the 750-watt mixer has a heavier motor than the 500-watt mixer so it is more sturdy and stable.

So, if your budget allows then you should think about investing in 750 Watt model.


The 500-Watt mixer grinders usually are priced between 1500 to 3000 INR which is quite budget-friendly.

The 750-Watt mixer grinders are usually priced between 3000 to 10000 INR. Some models may even cost more as they might be using quality materials in their build.

Overall, if you want to buy a mixer grinder urgently and don’t have many grinding tasks then you may go ahead with the one that is budget-friendly.

If you’re someone who does a lot of cooking or if you have a big family then you might want to invest in a reliable and best quality mixer grinder that may cost a bit more.

If you want a reliable machine without you having to do all the tasks then you can get one.

Grinding Performance

The electric grinder that has 500 watts may run anywhere between 15-20 minutes.

After that particular time, its motor might become hot and needs stopping for a while.

The electric grinder that has 750 watts may run anywhere between 25-30 minutes.

Furthermore, it is great for heavy grinding items in bulk as soon as possible.

Also, if you’re someone who’s going to grind idly batter or dosa batter almost regularly then you may want to reconsider getting the smaller wattage model.

The reason behind this is the obvious fact that the smaller wattage mixer cannot properly grind the batter.

Additionally, it can not even grind spices since it doesn’t have a powerful motor.

The best thing about the higher wattage model is that it can perform day-to-day tasks and heavy-duty tasks.

If you still go ahead and grind dry ingredients in your mixie that has 500 wattages then its ball bearings, motor, and other components may be prone to wear and tear.

As you want your batter to be smooth and buttery you must invest in a 750W Mixie.

If you don’t do that then you may find the batter to be grainy and inconsistent which no one likes.

Noise Levels

People may think that since a 750Watt motor has more wattage and is a powerful motor it may make a lot of noise as compared with the less wattage version.

But it is not true. Since it really depends on the engineering that the companies do while creating the motor.

Some mixies may have more wattage but the noise could be less. Some mixies may have less wattage but the noise could be more.

So you can never really judge just based on the power consumption details. But it actually depends from product to product.

But at the end of the day, you will only be using it whenever there is a need.

You won’t be using it all day so the noise level shouldn’t be a big issue.


By now, you are aware that a 500W mixer is suitable for basic tasks and is appropriate for a small family.

You should also be knowing that a 750W mixer is used for heavy tasks.

Also in heavy tasks, a lot of dry ingredients are involved and also for good consistency for wet grinding.

Not only that but the 750Watt model is ideal and is suitable for a large family where you have to prepare food for a lot of people.

If you take a smaller wattage mixie then you might just be getting up to 2 years of life.

The two years of life you will be only getting that too if you use it not so frequently.

But the best thing about the higher wattage mixie is that you may get more than 2+ years of life.

You will only get that if you use it moderately which is good for the money you’ve put in.


The 500-w mixer comes with 2 or 3 jars when you buy the product.

The 750-w mixer comes anywhere between 3 to 5 jars when you buy the product.

Since the second one has more jars it is possible for you to grind more for bigger families.

But not having more jars shouldn’t be a deal-breaker as you can always get them from the market or online.

Having a greater number of jars actually helps because you can make one item in one jar and another item in a different jar, store them for a day until you consume them, and then clean them the next day.

This makes life a lot easier as you don’t have to keep washing the jar every time you use it so that you can grind the next batch of items.

This is all about the Jars for this article on the Difference Between 500w and 750w Mixer Grinder.


RPM or rotations per minute is an important factor to consider because it tells how fast the blade will rotate.

If you want to achieve optimum performance, consider a higher RPM as ideal.

Usually, an ideal RPM should be between 18000 and 23000 for decent mixing.

The RPM range of a 500watt mixer is between 18000 to 20000 which is quite normal.

Whereas the RPM range of a 750watt mixer could be anywhere between 18500 to 20000 which is better.

If you are not satisfied with these outputs then maybe you can try out the 1000watt grinder that has RPM up to 22000 which is amazing.

Keep in mind that some local mixer grinders may be available for much less wattage and at dirt-cheap prices but don’t even think about buying them.

Manufacturers produce the ones made of poor quality material without a brand and sell them at cheap prices.

They won’t even mention the RPM properly and it might have the wrong number just to fool you. Forget about the customer service if you buy those.

So, to be safe make a good decision of buying good branded ones so that you don’t face any troubles going forward and get good after-sales support from brands.

This is all about the RPM for this article on the Difference Between 500w and 750w Mixer Grinder.

Power Consumption

The one good thing about the 500-watt mixer is that it consumes less power since it has less wattage.

If you’re someone who is always conscious of the electricity bill then you might want to think about your choices.

But power consumption shouldn’t be a deal breaker because you only use it for grinding for let’s say 10-20 minutes at a time so this shouldn’t cost you much.

So whatever your choice might be between these two models, you don’t have to worry much about power consumption.

Obviously, the 750-watt model consumes a bit more electricity since it has more wattage but it shouldn’t be a deal breaker for you as the pros are much more than the cons.

So at the end of the day, it is you, the consumer who has to make the decision.

At QualityKitchen.in we can only provide you with the facts and everything that you should be aware of.


Now that everything’s been discussed about the Difference Between 500w and 750w Mixer Grinder, you should be having enough information and details needed to make the purchasing decision.

Furthermore, having a mixie is mandatory these days as day-to-day life has become very hectic and tiring.

Gone are those days when our grandmothers used to do everything manually using some tools.

Everything is for good, we have to move on and adapt as per our needs.

Just like that, you’ve to make the right choice between the 500 or 750-watt grinders as per your needs.

To summarize it again for you, if you want better Build quality, Pricing, Grinding Performance, Durability, More no. of Jars, and Higher RPM go for a bit costlier and higher watt model.

If you don’t need everything that’s mentioned above and just need something that has Fewer Noise Levels and consumes less power then you might want to consider the low-cost model, which of course is not recommended.

If you have the budget but are very confused then you might want to close your eyes and simply order the higher wattage version, maybe even go for a mixer grinder 1000 watts which would just do everything you need and much more!

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