9 Best Mixer Grinder Under 5000 in India 2023

Are you in search to find the best mixer grinder under 5000? If yes, then you’ve landed in the perfect spot.

Here, you will find products with uses and cons listed so that you can save time and money.

All the mixer grinders that are listed below are so good that you’ll be using them for years to come.

Do you know an Interesting fact? Mixer grinders came into existence in India in the last years of 1970-1980s.

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All the mixer grinders mentioned below have been researched by experts in this field.

These are the quality mixer grinders where a lot of features and specifications are present.

All of them are budget-friendly appliances and they come along with powerful blending, grinding, and mixing.

They have so many superb features in them which will help you to become a better cook.

Finding a mixie for your kitchen that too inside the budget of 5000 rs in India may be a bit tiring task for anyone.

For that reason, we made a great article that will showcase everything about the mixers.

You will be introduced to amazing picks that have been thoroughly researched and these products will deliver superb performance.

So, get something to eat as you’re going to get yourself a grinder that will have superb features, functionalities, and more.

Best Mixer Grinder Under 5000

Top Picks of Best Mixer Grinder Under 5000

Product Check Price
Prestige Iris
Preethi Popular MG 142
Prestige Delight Plus
Vidiem 581 A Vision Plus
Platinagold Silent Mixer Grinder
Usha Microsmart Pro 3773
Bosch TrueMixx Bold
Preethi Peppy Plus MG-246
Havells Energia

Best Mixer Grinder Under 5000

1. Prestige Iris

Prestige Iris

The Prestige Iris is the best mixer grinder under 5000 that provides the user with functionality at an affordable price.

It is a mixer grinder that constantly delivers outstanding performance and also superior features.

The Prestige Iris comes in a white and blue color combination which actually makes it unique and stand apart.

Also, it comes with several safety measures and also a super impressive and powerful motor.

The motor’s power is actually 750 Watts which is pretty excellent for a mixer grinder.

It can easily grind the toughest ingredients easily because of its 4 efficient stainless steel blades.

The speed of revolutions on this product is unbelievable because it comes with a 20,000 RPM speed.

There are plenty of safety features in this product like the jar safety lock mechanism.

The Jar safety lock mechanism ensures that nothing comes out while grinding when you lock the lid.

Also, it comes with an overload protection switch which is actually built-in on this appliance.

Because of the overload protection switch the power supply can be automatically cut to the motor which will prevent overheating.

It comes with a 1.5 Liter wet grinding jar which helps make smooth and silky batters and purees right at your home.

Also, you will be getting a 1-liter dry grinding jar using which you can easily grind dry coconut and hard things like that.

A 300 ml chutney jar also comes with this product which makes the preparation of chutneys much easier.

These stainless steel jars that come along with this product will make sure they last for a good period of time and withstand heavy usage.

Also, the cord of this appliance is made out of PVC with copper wire so that there is an efficient power supply and safety is ensured.

The operating noise of this product is very low, just at 80-90 dB, and because of that it easily allows you to focus on other things.

So, this product is a mind-blowing combination of superior features, specifications, and whatnot.

Because of its powerful motor, superior safety features, and versatile jars, you will be able to utilize it for a lot of food preparations.

If you’re in search of the top grinder then you should go ahead with this one.

  • Watts: 750 Watts
  • Color: White and Blue
  • Volts: 230 Volts

  • Easy to use
  • Unique color combination
  • Value for money
  • Might get little heated while usage due to powerful motor

2. Preethi Popular MG 142

Preethi Popular MG 142

Preethi Popular MG 142 is the best mixer grinder under 5000 in India that will give you perfect texture and good consistency while grinding.

It is definitely going to change the way you’re going to cook as it comes with advanced features.

The Preethi Popular MG 142 is a top-notch product that comes in a category of budget friendly price range.

It comes in a white color body which gives your kitchen an elegant touch and uniqueness.

This appliance comes with 1% stainless steel jars that come along with flow breakers.

These flow breakers always ensure that whatever ingredients you put into the grinder it will come out with perfection.

Also, the original and unique flavor of spices and herbs remain the same and they don’t get spoiled.

It also has trouble-free operation due to its high-grade nylon couplers. These nylon couplers provide seamless performance and also add up to the longevity of the product.

Also, at this price range, you will also be getting safety features as well like the polycarbonate dome and lid.

This can help you peek inside and see at what stage the grinding is going on.

You’ll also get a shock-proof ABS body which is going to give an additional layer of protection for your safety.

It also comes with a PVC insulated 3-core flexicord and a 6 amps plug top with earthing.

So, whenever there is some issue with electrical circuits then this product will ensure safety.

The Preethi Popular MG 142 mixer grinder is going to last for a good while because of its durability.

It has got oil-filled sintered bronze bushes which are going to ensure the extended bush life.

Because of all these features you don’t have to always maintain it continuously and it can last for a while.

You will be getting different types of jars like the 1.7-liter big jar which can be used to grind various ingredients in large quantities.

Also, you will be getting a 1.5-liter medium sized jar which is going to help you to grind ingredients of medium size.

You’re also going to get a 400 ml chutney jar which will help you prepare amazing fresh chutneys at home.

So, if you’re interested in buying a great grinder that comes with lots of features and specifications then the Preethi Popular MG 142 could be your choice.

  • Watts: 750 Watts
  • Color: White
  • Volts: 230 Volts

  • Powerful 750 watt motor
  • Can do heavy load grinding
  • Comes with an overload button
  • Makes a little noise while grinding

3. Prestige Delight Plus

Prestige Delight Plus

Gone are the days when you used to grind along with your old mixie which used to go for repair every now and then.

Nowadays brands like Prestige are coming up with products for the kitchen that are going to help you a lot.

One such top mixer grinder under 5000 is the Prestige Delight Plus Grinder which you’re going to know about now.

The Prestige Delight Plus mixer grinder is an amazing kitchen product that is a combination of style, functionality, and power.

It comes with truly remarkable features and the performance in it is very exceptional and it will truly be a good kitchen companion for you.

The 750 Watt motor that comes along with this mixer grinder gives you a powerful performance by which you can grind tough ingredients easily.

You can easily grind spices and make batters very smoothly using the various jars provided with this product.

Also, you will be getting pure copper winding motor along which means no compromise is done in its build.

You will also be getting an overload protection feature using which you can be sure about its durability.

It comes with four super-efficient blades which can easily handle lots of different tasks like juicing or grinding very easily.

Because of these efficient blades, you will be getting lump-free textures and ingredients that are finely ground.

It also is made in such a way that the construction and build of this product are surely going to be durable in the coming time.

You will also be getting three stainless steel jars along with this appliance which will be helpful to grind various types of ingredients easily.

A juicer jar also comes with this appliance so that you can prepare juices freshly right at your home.

This product also comes with polycarbonate dome-shaped jar lids which add a great aesthetic look.

They will also don’t let any spills or leaks while you’re grinding.

The sturdy handles that come with this product will help you to hold a grip easily so that you can also move it here and there with ease.

Apart from all these what else you get is an amazing 2 years warranty on the product and a superb 5 year warranty on the motor as well which is really commendable.

This is a splendid product for your kitchen which is going to help you a lot and for that reason don’t think and just buy this.

  • Watts: 750 Watts
  • Color: Yellow and Black
  • Volts: 230 Volts

  • Less noise
  • Great for medium sized family
  • Great build quality
  • Chutney jar is a little small

4. Vidiem 581 A Vision Plus

Vidiem 581 A Vision Plus

The Vidiem 581 A Vision Plus is the best mixer grinder under 5000 and is a stylish appliance that comes with power, durability, and efficiency.

It comes in a black color which will make sure it will have eyes attracted towards it.

This product comes with a self-locking jar that attaches to the base of the mixer without having any consequences such as wear and tear of couplers.

It also comes with high torque for grinding tough things and this makes it ideal for cooking Indian dishes.

The product comes with a 5 year warranty on the motor and 2 year warranty on the product and it is equipped with Aria cool tec motor.

Because of the Quadra flow technology which is a unique air pump system the motor gets good cooling and consumes less power.

Due to these features, this appliance can give superior performance and longevity.

It also comes with chrome handles which are designed for good convenience.

The product doesn’t get loosened over time because it comes incorporated with square-shanked bolts and nuts.

The blades that come with this appliance are the Vortex Flow stainless steel 304 blades.

These blades provide vibration free operation which will in turn double the life of the the bush.

The appliance from Vidiem has got great features including self-locking jars and nylon couplers.

The vortex flow blades will be providing superb performance along with great convenience and durability.

This product’s brand which is Vidiem has its roots founded back in 1978 and Maya Appliances is its parent company which has been manufacturing great kitchen appliances.

Since this brand was founded way back and is providing high value since then, you can be relieved that whatever you’re getting is worth the money.

So, why don’t you click on the product link buttons mentioned above and below and check out this appliance.

  • Watts: 750 Watts
  • Color: Black
  • Volts: 220 Volts

  • Value for money
  • Can grind tough ingredients easily
  • Very powerful motor
  • Due to powerful motor a little bit noise is expected

5. Platinagold Silent Mixer Grinder

Platinagold Silent Mixer Grinder

Do your neighbors complain about the loud grinding noise that comes from your home while you’re using your mixer grinder?

The noise is very loud at times and is unbearable to some extent as not all grinders are made to have less noise.

If you’re someone who is struggling with the noise of your mixer grinder then it is time to change it and get yourself the Platinagold silent mixer grinder.

Without compromising on functionalities and performance this mixie will ensure that you get perfect grinding.

It comes in a beautiful black color along with amazing features and because of that, it is going to be a great part of your kitchen.

The silent copper motor that is present in this appliance is going to deliver great RPM up to 20000.

This high speed of RPM means that you’re going to enjoy quick grinding of all the ingredients.

You can easily prepare your favorite dishes and make tasty chutneys, karam podi, and fresh smoothies using this product.

Furthermore, along with exceptional performance, this product also is very durable due to its heavy stainless steel jars.

The jars are made with top-notch precision which means that they will be having extended lifespan for years to come.

Apart from the build to make you furthermore relieved, you will be getting a 1-year jar cracking guarantee as well.

The big steel jar has a capacity of 1.25 liters which is great for large family gatherings.

The medium sized steel jar comes with a 1 liter capacity is going to suit your everyday needs as well.

A small steel jar that has a capacity of 400 ml is very Ideal for small grinding requirements like making karam podi and chutneys for idly and dosa.

You will also be getting greatly designed blades which are one of the standout features of this product.

Let it be any ingredients that you’re going to be grinding like turmeric, or dry spices this mixer grinder can effortlessly make them into fine powders.

Apart from the great features and specifications that are being provided by the brand, you will also be getting a 2 year motor replacement warranty as well.

This product has everything right from the noiseless grinding operation, great jars with good capacity, good build quality, and is one of the mixer grinder under 5000.

Also, if you’re interested to know more about these noiseless mixers then read Quality Kitchen’s List of the Best Silent Mixer Grinder.

It is time to make a decision and think about getting yourself an amazing mixie that is going to change the way you cook in the kitchen.

  • Watts: 1200 Watts
  • Color: Black
  • Volts: 230 Volts

  • Silent grinding operation
  • Easy to use
  • Value for money
  • Plastic used at few places is little low in quality

6. Usha Microsmart Pro 3773

Usha Microsmart Pro 3773

The Usha microsmart pro 3773 is one of the best mixer grinder under 5000 in India that is going to help you with your skills.

It has got a great design and has a wine color which actually looks super elegant when someone sees it.

This mixer grinder comes with a 100 percent copper motor which has got super high torque and also great speed.

Because of the high torque it blends and grinds food ingredients very easily and with great consistency.

Also, it has got an ABS body that is shockproof and very strong and it can withstand wear and tear.

This product comes with three stainless steel jars which help in grinding all the ingredients easily.

The jars that come with this appliance are a chutney jar, a dry jar, and a wet jar which is great for cooking delicious recipes.

You will also be getting flow breakers along with these stainless steel jars which will be giving you great grinding results.

The blades that come with this appliance are food safe blades so you don’t have to worry about that.

You will also be getting transparent unbreakable dome lids with this product which is going you to allow to peek inside while grinding so that you can adjust the consistency of ingredients inside.

Also, you will be able to adjust the three-speed settings with this product where the first speed is less and as you go ahead the speed keeps increasing.

You will be getting super suction feet with this appliance that is going to ensure you will be getting high stability while you’re grinding anything.

An overload protector is what you will be getting with this product which will protect the appliance if and when there is an overload.

Because of the overload protector, you’ll be able to protect the motor which will in turn run for good time.

There is also a safety feature which is a three pin plug with earthing which enhances your safety.

A two-year warranty is provided with this product by the manufacturer from the date of purchase which means this brand is also customer centric.

This product is made in India and the Usha microsmart pro 3773 comes with a powerful 750-watt motor that will effortlessly grind tough ingredients easily.

So, this product is not just a simple mixer grinder but a powerful appliance that comes with a 100 percent copper motor, durable ABS shockproof body, and stainless steel food-safe blades.

Just click on the button that has been given below and above and check out its features for yourself.

  • Watts: 750 Watts
  • Color: Wine
  • Volts: 230 Volts

  • Good power
  • Beautiful color
  • Amazing build and design
  • There is no juicer jar provided

7. Bosch TrueMixx Bold

Bosch TrueMixx Bold

The Bosch TrueMixx Bold mixer grinder is a kitchen appliance that is going to deliver exceptional performance.

It comes in a black color which looks very pretty when it is in the kitchen.

The Bosch TrueMixx bold mixer grinder comes with a concealed bush which ensures that there is no contamination while the mixing and grinding operation is going on.

The product comes with a powerful 600-watt motor and it also has a voltage of 220-240 volts.

What this means is that it has got huge power packed inside it which is useful in delivering performance.

Also, do you remember the olden days when your grandma used to pound ingredients with stone?

Just like that, this appliance comes with a built-in feature that recreates the traditional pounding effect.

This is what helps in breaking down the ingredients and is going to give an amazing taste to your recipes.

Keeping aside all the unique and powerful grinding performance of the product, the looks and design are also amazingly done.

The pounding blade is one of the important features that this product has which gives you good consistency.

You can easily prepare fresh juices, smoothies, and even great tasting chutneys using this product.

Because of the strong lid locks, using it is very easy and doesn’t require you to keep holding to it.

It has lid locks which will hold the jar tightly which will further prevent any spills from the ingredients inside.

Apart from the lid lock feature it also comes with strong suction feet which will hold onto the kitchen top.

There will also be no issue of cable tangling before you go ahead and grind something as this product comes with proper handling and storage of the cable.

To say the least this product from the brand Bosch is truly a unique product in itself and is definitely going to help you a lot in your day to day kitchen works.

It comes with a strong powerful motor, pounding blades, lid locks, suction feet, and more which makes you buy this product totally value for money.

Why don’t you go ahead and get yourself this amazing mixer grinder under 5000 in India that is going to change and give uniqueness to the way you cook something in the kitchen.

  • Watts: 600 Watts
  • Color: Black
  • Volts: 240 Volts

  • Easy to clean
  • Great for grinding batters
  • Good vacuum suction feet
  • Only a little bit noise while grinding due to powerful motor

8. Preethi Peppy Plus MG-246

Preethi Peppy Plus MG-246

These days everything is going on so quickly that having a mixer grinder that is just under 5000 and is quick enough to do all tasks is mandatory.

To solve it, Preethi Peppy Plus MG-246 is a must so you can have an amazing companion in your kitchen.

It is a dynamic and superb looking appliance that is going to give you a wonderful grinding experience every day.

The Preethi Peppy Plus MG-246 is a grinder that looks superb in its red and black color combination and it comes with a stylish design as well.

You will not only be getting a powerful 750-watt motor with this mixie, but you will be happy after knowing that it is going to grind off even tough ingredients very easily.

There are many cool features in this product and one of them is the Superb food jar and texture builder.

It is actually shaped like a rectangle with a wide mouth that has both a flow marker and as well as a texture builder which will help you with purees and thick smoothies very easily.

This is actually an innovative design that will for sure give you great and optimal consistency of food’s texture.

It comes with blades that are razor sharp and they can easily cut ingredients very easily, even the dry ones.

Let it be grinding spices or blending batters, the Peppy Plus model can grind everything very easily.

Since the durability of a product is most when buying it, Preethi has made sure that it is going to surpass your expectations as it has got ROHS compliance.

It is safe and will help you in all your grinding needs and it also provides uniform and faster cooling.

This cooling feature is going to increase the motor’s lifespan which means overall it will last for a good period.

What if there is a possibility that this product can give you peace of mind as it comes with 2 year guarantee and 5 year motor warranty? Don’t be surprised as it comes with just that.

Overall, this product from the brand Preethi has matched every feature and specification in this range of mixer grinders below 5000 INR.

So, don’t just waste time in your thoughts when it is very easy for you to buy this amazing product in just a few seconds by clicking on the button.

  • Watts: 750 Watts
  • Color: Red and Black
  • Volts: 230 Volts

  • Good quality
  • Color is excellent
  • Value for money product
  • Jars size is bit small

9. Havells Energia

Havells Energia

The Havells Energia is one of the Best mixer grinder under 5000 in India and it is going to be a game changer for your kitchen.

It is very stylish and it is designed very well to help you improve your cooking experience and bring change in the old habits which take a lot of time.

Havells Energia comes with a blend of different colors and it is amazing because it comes in a combination of blue and white.

The Havells Energia comes with a very powerful 750 W motor which is guaranteed to increase the grinding performance of this grinder.

Whether you’re grinding dry spices like turmeric or making fresh fruit juices or even crushing hard things like ice, this grinder from Havells will give you great and consistent results.

Due to the even grinding, you don’t have to worry about getting uneven textures every time.

Also, it comes with an amazing 304 stainless steel grade blade which will be great for a long duration.

Because these blades are very sharp they can easily grind the toughest ingredients and smooth ingredients very easily.

So, you can easily prepare chutneys freshly in your home without having to buy them from outside.

You will be getting an intelligently designed air duct which will give better cooling to the motor and in turn it will help the motor to work well.

Because of this air duct feature that provides cooling to the powerful 750-Watt motor the appliance lifespan will increase.

It also comes with a bigger bush which is mainly engineered to increase the lifespan of the blade assembly.

So without compromising on quality, you can use this product to make superbly tasting recipes and experiment with different flavors.

Coming to the safety features part, you will be getting an overload protector with this appliance which will help if there is any overloading.

The Havells Energia is one of the great products that is going to change the way you make your food items in your kitchen.

It comes with exceptional motor power and great features and specifications which is very innovative and is going to help you out a lot.

It is now time to keep your old mixer grinder aside and welcome the Havells Energia mixie into your kitchen.

  • Watts: 750 Watts
  • Color: Blue and White
  • Volts: 230 Volts

  • Lots of features
  • Worth the money
  • Color looks amazing
  • Little noisy


So, finally, we reached the end of the best mixer grinder under 5000 in India article.

There were a lot of products that were presented above with a lot of features.

There were also a lot of options with various factors that were in an affordable kitchen appliance range.

So, these are not just any normal products but the ones that fit in budget and give good performance too.

Because of these budget-friendly picks, you can easily create great dishes in your kitchen with mouth-watering tastes.

You can prepare fresh smoothies or maybe grind spices right at home which will give aroma to your dishes.

On weekends you can make unique chutneys with your own recipes with the jar that comes with these appliances.

It is for sure that if you select a good mixer grinder from the above mentioned ones then it will become your trusted friend in the kitchen.

Also, not only features are superb but there is also a value of money aspect in all these grinders.

They’re not only affordable but are equipped with great features and a technology that is innovative and cutting edge.

So, if you want to get yourself an amazing appliance that will help you to grind, mix and blend food ingredients that too inside the budget of INR 5000 then you can go ahead and select one for yourself.

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Which is a silent mixer grinder under Rs.5000?

The Platinagold Silent Mixer Grinder is a silent grinder that comes under the price of 5000 INR.

Which brand is best for a mixer grinder?

There are a lot of great brands to choose from and for mixie under 5000 we recommend going with Prestige, Preethi, Havells, Bosch, Vidiem, Platinagold, and Usha.

You should not just restrict yourself to these brands but you can explore some more.

What to Look for when choosing a mixer grinder?

Look out for Jar Capacity and Types, Motor Power, Speed Settings, Blade Quality, Safety Features, Durability, and Brand.

Which is the best mixer grinder for home?

All the mixer grinders which have been mentioned in the above article are great for home usage and if you’d like to explore some more options then you can check out https://qualitykitchen.in/best-mixer-grinder/

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