5 Best Food Processor Under 5000 in India 2023

Are you looking to find which is the best food processor under 5000 in India? If it is what you’re in need of, you’ve landed exactly at the perfect spot.

Just imagine chopping, slicing, and blending ingredients very effortlessly, all thanks to the great Food Processors.

If you’re in a hurry then find the top picks of the Food Processor Under 5000 by clicking here.

Even a newbie who is new to making great food and also a pro who already can cook amazingly can be benefitted here.

This list has food processors for both types of people and even for the ones who are in between.

Our experts have made a list of the top food processors in India which will help you save time on researching on your own.

A food processor in the kitchen will help you explore unique types of dishes and help you prepare new things daily.

Who wants to chop vegetables all day when they can easily replace it with a processor.

Because of that, you will be saving a lot of time and not to forget the saving of great efforts.

If you’re looking for thoroughly researched and reviewed products full of great features then you should check out the below listed ones for sure.

Each of the appliances can easily and effortlessly be able to handle tough processing because of their tough stainless steel blades.

Without wasting much time in the introduction itself, let’s move ahead and find out the top picks for you.

best food processor under 5000 in India

Top Picks of Best Food Processor Under 5000

Product Check Price
INALSA Easy Prep
Wonderchef Nutri-blend
Rico Food processor
EZYHOME Kitchen Master
Lifelong LLFPR01 Prozessoren

Best Food Processor Under 5000

1. INALSA Easy Prep

INALSA Easy Prep

The Inalsa Easy Prep is one of the best food processor under 5000 in India and it can do all the tasks for you very easily.

This stylish and amazingly designed model comes in a premium looking black color.

Furthermore, power of this appliance is spectacular since it has got 800W which means it can process lots of food.

The Inalsa Easy Prep is made in such a way that you will be able to save a lot of space and time when you use it.

Also, you will be able to save some money as you can do everything right from chopping to kneading in this product alone.

Because of that, your total investment in kitchen products will come down since these things will reduce the time it takes to make food.

It also has got various safety features like the overload protector which will give you a sense of confidence and the motor doesn’t get damaged easily.

The other feature that this product has got is the child lock safety function which enables you to chop, slice, and shred food easily.

You will also be able to beat cake batter and even make egg whites using this amazing product.

If you want to make delicious paneer bhurji using a food processor you can do that as well, just put cubes of paneer inside it and grind.

The appliance possesses a specific feature that enables it to slice and dice flawlessly, ensuring that it cuts each individual piece to perfection.

Because of this the flavor and taste of the food get enhanced and will be cooked much more evenly.

The main bowl on this product consists of 1.4 liters which is quite enough to handle large quantities of meals.

If your old grinder or processor continuously gave you trouble while preparing food in large volumes then you can feel happy after knowing that this one will not let you down.

The attachments that come along are very easy to maintain and clean as well which is a great thing.

There is also no loud noise that it makes while it is processing the food.

You will also be able to swap the attachments very easily without facing any difficulties.

Also, you will be getting a 2-speed setting with this product which means you can have great control over the speed of shredding or chopping.

You can also take advantage of the pulse function in this appliance which allows you to give the food ingredients a quick jerk when needed.

A 2 year warranty has been provided to you by the Brand Inalsa which means you can relax.

The Inalsa Easy Prep is a great tool for all your chopping, shredding, kneading, and blending needs, so go and get one for you.

  • Brand: Inalsa
  • Watts: 800 Watts
  • Color: Black

  • Value for money
  • Can prepare soft dough
  • Has safety lock feature
  • Jar quality is a bit low

2. Wonderchef Nutri-blend

Wonderchef Nutri-blend

Do you have to use various things like a blender, mixer grinder, and various things for various purposes?

If yes then the solution to your problem is the Wonderchef Nutri-Blend which is one of the top food processor under 5000 in India.

It is going to be a kitchen companion that will make you creative in the way you cook routine food.

This product also comes with a great design and features which will make it your to-go choice.

You have three different colors to choose this product from which are red, black, and white.

All of them are pleasant-looking colors so you can just pick one of them based on your liking.

Because of its stylish looks, it will easily complement your kitchen perfectly.

But don’t just let its looks fool you, as it offers a lot more than just appearances alone.

It has got a high-speed motor which has an RPM of 22,000 that can quickly and easily chop things.

Say yes to your homemade chutneys and garam masalas because each of the ingredients will be finely processed.

Do you know a fact about this product? Its processing speed alone is double of regular mixer grinders.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the nutrition getting damaged from fruits and vegetables as the proper design makes sure you get all the nutrients intact.

There has been usage of surgical stainless steel blades in the Wonderchef Nutri-blend processor so it can easily grind anything with its sharp blades.

These sharp blades stay sharp even when there is a lot of high speed grinding and processing going on.

You can easily prepare yummy chutneys and also whip up creamy shakes and smoothies with the help of this product.

The long jar that comes with this appliance has got a four-wing blade that can easily blend and mix ingredients so that you will be able to get great consistency.

Also, the short jar has got a two-wing flat blade using which you can finely grind spices and masalas.

You can also do great julienning and slicing as it has got a super-sharp chopping blade and steel disc.

Because of that, you don’t have to do any manual slicing and chopping and do something important.

Wonderchef is offering two year warranty on their product which means they are customer centric.

You can buy with confidence as this comes with a lot of features and specifications and is value for money.

  • Brand: Wonderchef
  • Watts: 400 Watts
  • Color: ‎Black

  • Doesn’t take lots of space
  • Easy to use
  • All in one
  • Little noise while operating

3. Rico Food processor

Rico Food processor

The Rico Food Processor is one of the best food processor under 5000 in India.

You can easily make tasty and nutritious rotis, chapatis, phulkas, and naas now by kneading the atta with this machine.

This stylish looking appliance comes in both black and white color variations and you can take advantage of that.

If you’re someone who likes everything plain and simple then you can go ahead with white color.

If you’re someone who likes everything in dark then maybe you should go ahead with the black color.

It looks stylish but it isn’t just a showpiece because it has got an all-in-one flour kneading machine.

Due to this, it can help as an atta mixer, roti maker, food chopper, and more.

All these different things are there in a single product and that too at a reasonable price.

Also, there is an automatic electric dough kneader in this appliance where there are sharp stainless steel chopping blades.

These things help it to prepare dough or do any chopping and shredding tasks very easily.

Also, just like the one mentioned in the above product this one too has got two speed settings which give you total control of the product.

You can use the speed 1 which is the least to whip cream and beat eggs or create fresh pastries.

If you’re someone who likes to prepare their bread fresh at home then you can switch to the highest speed setting and get your thing done.

You will be getting a 400-watt long lasting copper motor which is surely going to give efficient performance.

There is a quantity of 800 ml with the transparent polycarbonate food processing bowl which is pretty good.

What if you know that fact that you can monitor the ingredients inside it while it is being processed?

Yes, you can do that due to the transparent lid which is unbreakable as well.

You will be happy after knowing the fact that due to the range of detachable blades, you can easily remove them and replace them with other blades to make various dishes.

A kneader blade is what you will be getting which you can use for kneading atta dough very easily.

Also, a citrus juicer attachment and a slicer blade are provided as well which makes slicing vegetables efficient and effortless.

Just think of the time that you can save instead of getting a mixer grinder where you will have to wait to do anything in huge volumes.

Because of this great processor kneading dough and chopping vegetables can be done very easily.

If you like to use advanced features to reduce cooking time then this is one product you should check out.

  • Brand: Rico
  • Watts: 400 Watts
  • Color: Black

  • User friendly
  • Can knead dough easily
  • Value for money
  • Safety lock is not present

4. EZYHOME Kitchen Master

EZYHOME Kitchen Master

The EZYHOME Kitchen Master is one of the best food processor in India under 5000 that is going to solve your food processing needs.

It comes in a silver color and looks spectacular and will offer you a great cooking experience.

Don’t just be fooled by its nice looking color because it is not just a good looking product but can outperform other ones in its segment.

It has got various impressive features along with a compact design and it is also very user-friendly as well.

The product comes with a 400 Watt motor just like the other ones in the list.

It efficiently and brilliantly serves as a mixer, smoothie maker, and chopper.

You’ll be able to grind batters for preparing idlis and dosas in it and also cut vegetables into small pieces.

You don’t have to fill your kitchen with lots of different appliances for different works when you can have this one to do them all.

Furthermore, you will be able to do something else as your effort is being reduced with this product.

The two speed control setting in this appliance will allow you to easily adjust the speed of processing of this it and set it as per your needs.

You will also be getting a 1 liter jug with a filter and pusher which will ensure that there is proper processing and blending happening.

Also, you will be getting lots of different sized cups of varying capacities which will help you a lot.

You don’t have to worry about this product taking away all the space in your kitchen because it is not bulky.

Because of its made and sleek design, you can easily be using the remaining place in the kitchen for other things.

This product is user-friendly as well because of its straightforward operation without any clutter.

You just have to put it in a stable place and fix the cross blade to jug’s bottom.

Then you just have to inject the correct quantity of ingredients into the jug and cover it tightly.

Later you can just attach the blending cup to the main body and plug in the machine and choose the needed speed setting.

After that, you can just press the button and it’ll get powered on and you can process the food items.

To conclude, this is budget friendly as well as feature loaded product which will help you a lot.

  • Brand: EZYHOME
  • Watts: 400 Watts
  • Color: Silver

  • Great for small families
  • Feature-loaded
  • Easy to use
  • Could have provided more color options

5. Lifelong LLFPR01 Prozessoren

Lifelong LLFPR01 Prozessoren

The Lifelong Prozessoren is one of the top food processor under 5000 INR in India.

You will be able to enjoy great convenience and superior performance with this product.

The best thing about this appliance is that it is going to be your kitchen companion and that too in an affordable price range.

It comes in a superb looking black color which will turn heads towards it.

Also, you will be able to enjoy great performance with this as it has got an 800 Watt motor which is way more powerful.

Not all the food processors in this price segment come with 800W but they usually come with 400W so this is a good deal.

This product from Lifelong can help you prepare your favorite dishes very quickly without having to waste your efforts.

If you’re a fan of consuming hot garlic water with chopped garlic then it’ll be helpful for you.

If you like to drink fresh fruit juices then don’t worry because it helps you to prepare fresh juices easily.

You can cut various fruits to make fresh salads on a holiday to get the nutrition that your body requires.

The Lifelong Prozessoren Food processor has got a blender jar that has a capacity of 1.8 liters.

This is going to help you whip huge quantities of smoothies or soups very easily.

Also, you will be getting a dry bowl that comes in a 2 liter capacity so that you can keep all ingredients easily.

Because of the capacity that these jars come with you can prepare various dishes.

You will be getting 2-speed control with this processor which means the first one is for low speed and the second is for high speed setting.

If you’re preparing any delicate items then the first speed would be enough.

If you’re preparing any items that is dry and tough in nature then the second speed would come in handy to you.

Also if you don’t have to continuously do the processing as only a small quantity is left out then you can use the pulse function.

You can be tension free because the brand Lifelong is providing you with 2 year warranty which is a comprehensive one.

Because of that, you can confidently buy this product as there is good customer service.

You will be getting all the essential accessories that are going to enhance your cooking performance.

The various things that you will be getting are a processing bowl, slicer, cutter, shredder, french-fry cutter, kneading, and chopping blades.

Due to these various attachments that you will be getting with this product, it is definitely value for money.

This product from Lifelong is a great tool as it comes with high wattage 800-Watt motor and all the various attachments, you should consider buying it.

  • Brand: Lifelong
  • Watts: 800 Watts
  • Color: Black

  • Versatility
  • 800W powerful performance
  • Ample Capacity
  • Due to the powerful motor little noise may come


So finally we have reached the conclusion for the article best food processor under 5000 in India.

Hopefully, you would have found the right one for you which is in your budget along with great technology and features.

As mentioned above these food processors are powerful appliances with high-wattage motors that can grind and chop even tough food ingredients easily.

The main reason why we need the processors are because they provide us with great convenience.

Without the need to blend or chop anything manually using a knife, they will do it automatically in a few seconds even in large quantities.

This way you don’t have to chop them daily and it will also be Ideal if you can do something else in that time.

These products come with user friendly settings which will help you to get things processed consistently.

A main benefit of food processors is that you don’t have to depend just on mixer grinders to get your things done.

So this way you can divert the tasks to both these kitchen appliances as per your needs.

Furthermore, you will also be getting great safety features with the products mentioned above and also they’re easy to clean.

Don’t miss to buy one of the top picks mentioned above as these are selected after great research.

For more such informative articles on kitchen appliances keep reading: Quality Kitchen Blog.


Which brand is better for food processor?

Any brand that offers great features and warranty and has good customer reviews is a good one.

Are food processors stronger than blenders?

Food processors are great for various food preparation tasks whereas blenders are great for pureeing and blending.

Is a higher watt food processor better?

Yes, usually higher the wattage more the power and better processing.

It also depends on your usage. If you don’t use it daily for bulk processing then lower wattage might also be suitable for you.

What to look for when buying a food processor?

A combination of these is suitable when buying a good one: Bowl size, attachments, and blades, durability, safety features, and ease of cleaning.

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