5 Best Food Processor Under 10000 in India 2023

Are you looking to find out the best food processor under 10000 in India? Well, this is the place you should exactly be.

Food processors these days can easily improve the way you cook your food.

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A food processor is a great companion for your kitchen because it has both efficiency and innovation.

Wouldn’t it be great if you can easily chop, shred, slice, and blend food items as easily as turning a knob?

Using this appliance you can do all the above-mentioned things that much easier.

Also, these powerful appliances come with great and powerful motors that can easily grind the toughest ingredients.

You will be saving a lot of time using this product as it can process food in a matter of few seconds only.

Who knew that kneading dough can be easily done nowadays without manually doing it?

You can also prepare fresh dips and chutneys to enjoy with your favorite TV series without any guilt.

Furthermore, this product offers various kinds of attachments that will benefit you.

You can shred vegetables and cheese, knead maida dough and make fresh pan pizzas whenever you want.

These things are much more powerful than regular mixer grinders and can do food processing in bulk quantities.

So, it is enough of boasting this great kitchen appliance and it is now time to check out the below-mentioned list which is thoroughly reviewed and researched by experts.

best food processor under 10000

Top Picks of Best Food Processor Under 10000

Product Check Price
Bosch MCM3501M
Usha FP 3810
Bajaj Food Factory FX 11
Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus
Morphy Richards Icon Superb

Best Food Processor Under 10000

1. Bosch MCM3501M

Bosch MCM3501M

The Bosch MCM3501M is one of the best food processor under 10000 in India that is going to be one of the top appliances in your kitchen.

It comes in a beautiful black color along with lots of features loaded into it.

This product also comes with an amazing 800-watt motor which is powerful enough to process tough ingredients.

It can be dicing, grinding, slicing, or kneading, this appliance is surely going to handle everything properly.

This product actually comes with two speed settings which means that using the first speed you can process with less speed.

The second speed is the highest speed which will enable you to process tough ingredients easily.

For giving a quick jerk to the ingredients inside you can use the moment or the pulse function.

Additionally, It is dishwasher safe so you don’t have to manually keep cleaning it.

Furthermore, Bosch offers a product with 50+ functions that you can choose from.

You can also easily do things like grading, cutting, grinding, chopping and even making dough.

Bosch has designed this product to be great in functionality and to suit your convenience.

You will be getting a 1 liter blender attachment with this product that will help you to make smoothies.

Also, you will be able to prepare fruit shakes and soups as an appetizer very easily.

It also comes with a smart storage system which can be useful to put standard accessories in the compact bowl.

A safe feature of this product is that it comes with BPA-free plastic and it also has rubber suction feet below.

Due to that it doesn’t keep moving and stays in one place properly.

It also comes with a built-in cable storage compartment which helps you to keep the cable organized.

This product from the Brand Bosch is definitely going to change the way you do your cooking.

It has got a powerful motor, unique functions and features and the best thing is that it is user-friendly as well.

Because of all these features that are present in this appliance, you don’t have to go and choose others.

You can select this product right away and buy it if you think that it fits your requirements and budget.

  • Watts: 800 Watts
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Bosch

  • Silent processing
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Compact
  • Jars quality could’ve been better

2. Usha FP 3810

Usha FP 3810

The Usha FP 3810 is one of the best food processor under 10000 in India and is a powerhouse.

It comes in a color combination of black and steel which is quite unique because using steel color is not done by other brands.

This gives the product a premium look and makes it more desirable.

There are not many appliances in this budget range that have a catchy look to them and this one is unique.

The 1000W copper motor that comes with this product can do a lot of powerful grinding.

This product can benefit you by kneading dough, chopping, shredding, and slicing.

Also, you will be getting three-speed setting with this appliance which will enable you to change the speed whenever required.

You can consistently get great results if you keep using this product and the knob that comes with it.

Another great feature is that it comes with lots of different attachments making it very useful.

You will be getting impact resistant stainless steel jars with this appliance along with a food processing bowl.

This will help you to make delicious smoothies and also make large quantities of ingredients easily.

You can enjoy fresh chutney with idli and dosa and you can also make fresh batter right at your home.

Also, you can get benefitted from the atta kneading feature which helps you to make fresh rotis.

With the help of citrus and centrifugal juicing attachments, you can even drink fresh orange and mosambi juices.

The Usha FP 3810 has been designed such that the jars have a good amount of space and come with stainless steel blades.

These blades are very efficient in shredding, cutting as well as slicing anything you put inside.

You can also make french fries as well right in your home without having to eat junk from outside.

Maintaining this product is very easy and it is user-friendly as well due to its operation.

Also, you will be able to clean this appliance very easily because of its dishwasher safe attachments.

You will be getting exceptional precision and power with this appliance and it can be used greatly in combination with its 1000 Watt copper motor.

If you need a great processor to do all your tasks then you can check out this appliance from Usha.

  • Watts: 1000 Watts
  • Color: Black and Steel
  • Brand: Usha

  • Value for money
  • Easy to use
  • Great build quality
  • Makes little sound due to powerful 1000W motor

3. Bajaj Food Factory FX 11

Bajaj Food Factory FX 11

The Bajaj food factor is undoubtedly one of the best food processor under 10000 in India.

This is one such unique product that has a combination of power, efficiency, and usefulness.

The Bajaj food factory FX 11 comes in a beautiful looking white color and has a stylish design.

It comes with an amazing 600-watt motor which is powerful and capable enough to grind tough food items.

Also, the RPM on this appliance is 18000 RPM which is quite impressive seeing its price range.

You will be getting consistent results every time you use this product for juicing, liquidizing, and more.

If you eat roti daily then you can even knead atta directly in this processor.

You can perform different sorts of cooking along with the various attachments that come with it.

Also, you will be getting a 1.5-liter liquidizing jar which is enough for liquidizing anything.

You will also be getting a 1-liter stainless steel grinding jar which can be used to grind both dry and wet ingredients very easily.

A chutney jar is also provided with this so that you can prepare fresh chutneys for your dosas.

The stainless steel blades that come with the Bajaj food factory FX 11 helps to chop, scrape, slice, and shred various food ingredients easily.

What would you feel if you know that fact that you can even prepare french fries using this product.

Who wouldn’t like to indulge in fast food that has been made right at your home.

The Bajaj food factory FX 11 has got three-speed control settings, unlike the other food processors which only have two speeds.

Along with these, you will also be getting an incher facility using which you can grind whenever you want with a quick jerk.

You will also be getting a spatula for easy blade removal and also to mix batter properly.

By observing all the given features it is evident that it has been made keeping in mind the likes of Indian cooking.

Also, you will be getting safety features with the Bajaj food factory FX 11 which has a safety interlock and things like that.

If you want a great processor for your kitchen that will help you to prepare fresh food items this one’s a great choice.

  • Watts: 600 Watts
  • Color: White
  • Brand: Bajaj

  • Great food processor for kitchen
  • Suitable for both large and small families
  • Great replacement for mixer grinder
  • Makes little noise

4. Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus

Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus

The Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus is one of the food processor under 10000 in India with lots of features.

You will be getting a combination of style, durability, and convenience with this product.

The Wonder Maxie Plus comes with a sleek design and it has got a premium looking white color.

Due to this, it easily attracts the eyes and can bring up the elegance of your kitchen.

Out of its many amazing features, one of them is its attachments which are very easy to use.

You can use the necessary attachments for the necessary tasks like blending, grinding, mixing, and juicing.

The 800W powerful motor that you will be getting with this product is going to change the cooking game for you.

If you get this product then you don’t have to get a mixer grinder at all because this one is that convenient.

Along with this Wonder Maxie Plus, you will be getting a wide feeder tube that can be used to put in large ingredients.

Same as the product mentioned above you will also be getting three-speed settings with this one.

Because of the three-speed settings, you will be able to grind and chop lots of ingredients easily.

If you need extra power while you’re processing the food you just have to use the pulse function.

You also get complete control over this product along with its accessories and settings.

Quality materials make the processing bowls of this appliance resistant to easy breakage.

You will also be getting a centrifugal and citrus juicer with this appliance so that you can make juices.

There are lots of jars provided with this one like a blender jar, dry grinding, and chutney jar.

Using these you can prepare a wide variety of ingredients right at your home.

Knowing that this processor operates very quietly will surprise you and make you feel happy.

Because of that, you can prepare things very peacefully at home without getting disturbed by the sound.

This product from the brand Inalsa is truly a wonder as it is named as it comes with a powerful motor, various accessories, and great features.

If you want a food processor that is built very strong and can last for a good period then you can go ahead with this one.

  • Watts: 800 Watts
  • Color: White
  • Brand: Inalsa

  • Value for money
  • Lots of attachments
  • Powerful motor
  • Jar quality could have been better

5. Morphy Richards Icon Superb

Morphy Richards Icon Superb

The Morphy Richards Icon Superb is one of the amazing food processor in India under 10000.

It comes with a unique-looking glazing copper color which is not seen commonly in kitchen appliances.

So, if anytime a relative comes to your home and sees it, they will definitely like it and ask you where did you buy it.

Additionally, the great feature about it is that it comes with 11 different kinds of attachments.

You will be able to knead the dough, chop fresh veggies, and shred, and slice your food very easily.

Furthermore, you will feel happy after knowing that you will get a total of 6 stainless steel blades.

It also has got a child lock feature which ensures that your family is safe around it.

Furthermore, you will be getting seven unique jars with distinct purposes.

You will also be getting a 3.2 liter food processing bowl which has good space for huge quantities.

Also, you will be able to do liquidizing, grinding, and also prepare chutneys, and more using the jars provided.

The different kinds of blades that come with the Morphy Richards Icon Superb are amazing as you can knead fluffy dough and also slice vegetables for preparing curries.

You will be getting efficient performance with this kitchen tool as it has got 3 speed control knob.

It allows you to change the speed at which food processing is happening inside the bowl.

If you’re processing liquid ingredients then the initial speeds would be enough.

But, if you’re planning to process tough and hard ingredients then you should be using the highest speeds.

Morphy Richards is a great brand that respects its customers and that’s why they’re also offering a 2 year warranty.

As it has got 1000 Watts motor power you can be assured that whatever you put inside the processor it will turn out perfect.

If you’re in need of a great quality processor inside 10000 then this is one of the products you should think about.

  • Watts: 1000 Watts
  • Color: Glazing Copper
  • Brand: Morphy Richards

  • User friendly
  • Has child safety lock
  • Comes with 3 speed settings
  • Quality of centrifugal juicer could have been better


Finally, we’ve reached the conclusion for this list of the best food processor under 10000 in India.

There were a lot of different processors mentioned in this list and all of them are amazing.

Each of the products has been picked by experts after researching thoroughly several pain points of users.

You will be able to enjoy the usage, durability, and functionality of these products that too at an affordable price of under 10,000 INR.

You may buy the wrong product with fewer features if you aren’t great at buying these products.

That is the main motive and aim of us and that’s why we wrote this article to give you the best only.

If you’re on a budget and want to find out something less like maybe food processors in India under 5000 then you can read this.

You may get confused while picking the product and make the wrong choice.

So to not let this as an issue, we’ve listed down all the specifications, features, and positive and negative aspects of all the products.

You can easily use these products mentioned above to cater to your pureeing and blending needs and more.

If you want to know more then you can read this buying guide.

So, if you’ve read this article till here you will surely make the right choice and buy a great value-for-money product.

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