9 Best 1000 Watt Mixer Grinder in India 2023

If you’re looking for the Best 1000 watt mixer grinder in India then you’re definitely at the right place.

We say that with the utmost confidence because we have reviewed and researched all 9 mixer grinders.

In India, we always like to eat a lot of variety of foods and hence there are a lot of delicacies to fulfill our appetite.

If you’re in a hurry then find the top picks of the 1000 Watt Mixer Grinder by clicking here.

There are a lot of different kinds of mixers ranging from 750 vs 500 Watt Mixer Grinders to 1000 Watt ones.

Having a good helping hand in the kitchen like a 1000 Watt Mixer Grinder will help to save time for you.

Using a Mixer Grinder offers many benefits, and we have listed some of them below for you

  1. Time Saving: Having the best mixer grinder in India with 1000 watt power makes you grind ingredients with ease quickly which means you can save time for your day-to-day activities.
  2. Money Saving: If you buy a food processor then it may cost you more than an affordable 1000 watt mixer grinder in India. If you get yourself a high-quality 1000 watt mixer grinder for home use you will have lots of power as it has more wattage.
  3. Versatility: The other benefit of the grinder is that it comes with many jars so that you can use them for chopping, mincing, blending, and of course grinding.
  4. Efficiency: Choosing an energy-efficient mixer grinder in India will not only result in lower electricity consumption but also ensure proper grounding of ingredients, thereby providing you with high-quality and consistent results.
  5. Simple to use: Most of these products are usually user-friendly 1000 watt mixer grinder and hence you get to take advantage of different speed settings and pulse function which helps to get you the desired texture of the food ingredients. Also, the jars you will be getting would be easy to attach and remove so that you can grind various ingredients.

Best 1000 Watt Mixer Grinder in India

Top Picks of Best 1000 Watt Mixer Grinder in India

Product Check Price
Bajaj Herculo, 3 Jars
Prestige Endura, 6 Jars
Preethi Taurus Pro MG-256, 3 Jars
Maharaja Whiteline Duramaxx, 3 Jars
Preethi Taurus Star MG-260, 4 Jars
Bosch Pro, 3 Jars
Philips HL7703/00, 4 Jars
Bosch TrueMixx Style, 3 Jars
Havells Klassic, 4 Jars

Best 1000 Watt Mixer Grinders in India

1. Bajaj Herculo

bajaj herculo 1000w mixer grinder

Bajaj Herculo is designed perfectly and it comes in a compact shape which helps you save space in the kitchen.

But don’t take it for granted by seeing its compact size.

You would be shocked to know about the power that it packs as it comes with a 1000 Watt motor.

The designers have designed its body very robustly, and they have made it very sturdy. Additionally, they have provided it with a high gloss metallic finish and a 2-year warranty.

Not every Best 1000 Watt mixer grinder in India gets a multitasker blade for wet and dry grinding but the Bajaj Herculo gets them both.

The dry and wet grinding blade for multitasking will help you to grind dry ingredients which are tough and also the wet ingredients to get you a smooth texture.

You get amazingly well-built stainless steel jars with this grinder and they have plenty of capacity. These jars have capacities of 1.5 Liter, 1.25 Liter, and 500 ML.

The lid-locking feature available in both the dry and liquidizing jars allows you to take advantage of hands-free operation.

Have you ever wondered if your food ingredients retain their nutritional value when you grind them at high speeds?

If you buy this product with Nutri-Pro feature specially designed for nutrient retention, you won’t have to worry about this anymore.

The Bajaj Herculo has also got a dome-shaped transparent lid which will help you to peek inside when the grinding is happening so that the chef in you can make a better judgment.

It is one of the best mixer available in the market with a 1000 watt motor and it is very convenient to use and easy to clean as well.

This mixie has a really powerful motor, so you can grind ingredients like whole wheat without having to spend extra money getting it done somewhere else.

You may have a question in mind if I’m going to invest in this mixer then would I be able to use it continuously and if yes then for how long?

Well, you can use it continuously for up to 25-30 minutes and we came to these figures after our thorough research and review of this product.

It has got a 100% copper motor so that you don’t have to worry about its life and the rpm of this 1000-watt mixie is 18000-22000.

You can grind hard ingredients with this product like dry fruits or maize very easily since it has got a wattage of thousand watts.

If you’re someone who wants to grind dry and wet rice using this product then you’d be happy to know that you can do both grindings of wet as well as dry rice using this appliance.

It has got an amazingly designed body and it has an anti-skid facility which ensures that it doesn’t get skid on any surface.

The multifunctional blades that come with the mixie are very smooth and can grind any item easily and they’re easy to maintain.

If you miss your granny’s homemade masala taste then you can have it back as it has that feature of retaining that stone-grinded spice taste.

The great safety feature that this mixie has in it is overload protection. Whenever the mixer gets heated up the electricity is cut which indeed helps the motor from getting damaged.

  • Color: Coffee Brown and Gold
  • Number of jars: 3
  • Voltage: 230 Volts

  • Nice looking
  • Best for heavy grinding
  • Sound not too loud
  • Bit heavy because of its great and efficient motor

2. Prestige Endura

prestige endura 1000w mixer grinder

The Prestige Endura 1000W Mixer Grinder is a kitchen appliance that comes in black and silver color.

Nowadays most of the mixies come in just plain black color or white color.

Those may be old school for some people and having a black and silver color alternative is fun.

This mixie comes with stainless steel blade material which will help the steel to last for a very long time.

This is a 1000W mixer grinder from the brand Prestige and they named it prestige endura as it can endure your expectations.

There are different wattage motors like 500W, 750W, and 1000W, and out of these three, the thousand-watt model has the highest wattage.

One great thing about its motor is that it has got pure copper motor winding which makes this appliance ready to perform heavy-duty tasks let it be grinding spices for preparing a curry or a paste.

The other unique feature of its motor is that it doesn’t make a lot of noise as compared to the same mixies in its segment.

The Best 1000 Watt mixer grinders in India mentioned below provide you with 6 jars:

  1. A polycarbonate juice extractor jar that comes with a sieve
  2. A multi-utility jar
  3. A wet grinding jar
  4. A dry grinding jar
  5. A Chutney jar
  6. A nifty mix-o-keep jar

The above-mentioned are the 6 jars that come with this great kitchen appliance.

The polycarbonate juice extractor jar prepares fruit juice and has a capacity of 1.5 ltr.

You don’t have to worry about removing the pulp and seeds of the fruits as it comes with a sieve.

For making purees and batters for breakfasts you can use the wet grinding jar which serves its purpose well.

If you’re a fan of homemade coffee then you can take advantage of the dry grinding jar.

By using it you can easily prepare coffee powder using coffee beans and enjoy.

Do you love to watch movies at home and need something to dip in your nachos or snacks then you can use the chutney jar and make yourself amazing dips and chutneys.

If you’d like to use the nifty-o-jar as a storage jar as well, you can use it

If you’re someone who loves experimenting then it can be a boon for you as you get many jars in different sizes with a lot of unique functionalities.

It comes with 7 super-efficient blades which help to grind the ingredients better as they’re made of high-quality stainless steel.

The jars come with ergonomically designed handles which are sturdy and will help you hold the jar properly.

You can even do a little quantity of atta kneading with this mixie.

Due to that is definitely worth your money as nowadays to knead atta, food processor is the only option.

One other feature that makes it a competition to a food processor is that it can also chop vegetables.

Chopping vegetables is a heavy task if you do it manually using a knife which consumes a lot of time.

You can prepare fresh juice for yourself or your family members as well which is one feature that is common in other Best 1000 Watt mixer grinders in India as well.

One unique thing is that no other Best 1000 Watt mixer grinder in India company provides you with a container for storing.

Overall, if you’re someone who is looking to get an amazing value-for-money deal then this is one product that should be definitely on your wish list.

  • Color: Black and Silver
  • Number of jars: 6
  • Voltage: 230 Volts

  • Can do atta kneading
  • Value for money
  • Comes with 6 jars
  • It takes up a little bit of space in the kitchen

3. Preethi Taurus Pro MG-256

Preethi Taurus Pro MG-256 1000w mixer grinder

The Preethi Taurus Pro MG-256 is one of the best 1000 watt mixer grinder in india and is a reliable kitchen partner which will help you to ease up your cooking process.

It comes with stainless steel jars and blades which are made out of absolutely high-quality stainless steel.

These jars are engineered precisely so that they will provide outstanding durability and performance, which is one great thing about them.

This brand is so good that they make their product undergo rigorous water load testing where there’s a 10-hour endurance test for the blades.

ABS makes the body of the Preethi Taurus Pro MG-256 strong and durable.

Because of its high tensile strength, this mixie can easily withstand heavy usage without easily getting damaged.

Do you ever wonder if you can get a perfect grinding speed in just 90 seconds so that you can finish off your work in the kitchen more quicker?

If your answer is yes to the above question then you’d be happy to hear that this grinder from Preethi helps you do quick grinding in 90 seconds only because of its thousand-watt motor.

The RPM on this product is as good as the other features are and it is an impressive 19000 RPM hence it is the most fastest and efficient mixies right now.

You also get additional features like any other appliance in this category like a 3-speed control knob for speed settings and an incher.

Did you face issues with the noise level in your olden mixies? They’re a big headache when it comes to preparing food early morning as everyone might get disturbed.

Are you someone whose alarm is waking up to the noise of the grinder? It is definitely not a pleasant thing in the morning.

Due to reasons like these, Preethi decided to control the noise of this product and it has succeeded now.

Hence the decibel level of this product is similar to a hairdryer and it’s not loud to disturb anyone.

A durability test was done on this grinder to ensure the jar lock and rotary switch are good.

The results of the test were that this appliance passed the durability tests.

Preethi claims that they will provide free service without any labor charge for lifelong and they’re also giving a 2-year product guarantee.

The design of this product is unique as it has got a tripod design which is commendable.

This appliance ensures safety by means of its safety indicator.

You will be getting a 500 ML capacity chutney jar preethi claims that you can get up to 3-4 servings of chutney and the jar also comes with a unique type of dome lid.

You can grind up to 150 gm of turmeric in the dry jar which has a capacity of 1 Liter.

The other jar holds a capacity of 1.5 liters and it comes with a dome lid too.

It can easily grind the batter using which you can make up to 14 dosas.

Because this product has got great performance, a powerful motor, high-quality blades and jars, and a good ABS body that is durable and it has gone through several tests and passed with flying colors you should definitely take a look and consider buying this.

  • Color: Black
  • Number of jars: 3
  • Voltage: 230 Volts

  • Has been tested appropriately
  • Can grind quickly as it can do it in 90 Seconds
  • Good performance and heavy duty
  • A lock feature has not been provided for jars

4. Maharaja Whiteline Duramaxx

Maharaja Whiteline Duramaxx 1000w mixer grinder

The Maharaja Whiteline Duramaxx is an amazing grinder and when we reviewed it we found that it helps a lot in kitchen tasks and it aces grinding and mixing ingredients extraordinarily well.

This Best 1000 Watt mixer grinder in India comes in a color combination of black and silver.

Having a 1000W motor is more than enough for grinding any type of food ingredients.

Let it be haldi or coriander seeds, this motor has enough power and wattage in it.

Due to its high power, it can grind the toughest of the tough ingredients of food.

You can now prepare amazing food recipes with the help of this product from the house of Maharaja.

It has something called the Duraforce advanced blade technology which enables this grinder to have pro-level grinding benefits like superfine and quick grinding.

Out of all the features that you’re going to read the first feature is the ability of Duramaxx to run continuously for up to 30 minutes.

Since it can run continuously for 30 minutes you can grind ingredients in bulk.

You may have a bad impression of mixers may be because your old one only grinds for up to 10 minutes.

The Maharaja Whiteline Duramaxx surely is a game changer in this aspect.

This appliance is made from materials that are 100% safe for food-grade use.

It means that this is safe from leeching out chemicals into the food ingredients.

Let it be any toughest ingredient, Duramaxx can easily grind it as it has pro-level capabilities.

You can not only take advantage of the under 60 seconds time but also benefit from the powerful 20000 RPM motor.

The 20000 RPM motor ensures that you will be able to achieve fine grinding results as soon as possible.

You will be getting three stainless steel jars and a handy spatula with this product.

The three stainless steel jars that you will be getting will come in varied sizes.

Out of the 3 jars, you will get the liquidizing jar, chutney jar, and grinder jar.

Using the chutney jar you can prepare chutneys or pastes in small quantities as a side dish.

The Liquidizing jar and grinding jars are the other two jars that will help you in grinding liquid and solid ingredients.

You may have a doubt that everything is fine but what about the warranty? Well, you will be getting a 5-year warranty on the motor.

One great thing about this appliance from Maharaja is that you will be getting a durable double-ball bearing motor

Since it is much more durable, it is designed to deliver amazing performance

It has a copper motor hence you can be confident enough that it won’t easily get damaged for day-to-day tasks.

You must consider buying the Maharaja Whiteline Duramaxx for the simple and obvious reason that you will be getting the work done quickly and easily and it will be one of the good or the best investments that you’d have ever made.

A mixer like this frequently goes out of stock and for that reason, you must hurry. Click on the buy now button, check out the price and consider buying this product and start taking its benefits.

  • Color: Black and silver
  • Number of jars: 3
  • Voltage: 230 Volts

  • Indian brand
  • Looks aesthetic
  • Food grade safe
  • A little noisy

5. Preethi Taurus Star MG-260

Preethi Taurus Star MG-260 1000w mixer grinder

Nowadays few people are preferring 500W mixer grinders by seeing their low price but they’re throwing them out and buying higher-watt models like Mixer grinder 750 watt and 1000W.

The reason for this is that they don’t have the knowledge of the difference between the wattages and they just buy one at a cheap rate and later on realize their mistake.

Since you’ve landed on our blog you will not make a mistake and this mixer from Preethi is one of the top models for daily grinding and blending usage.

The Preethi Taurus Star MG-260 comes in a beautiful black and blue color combination.

It comes with a powerful 1000-Watt motor which easily handles all the grinding tasks with ease.

You can easily grind hard ingredients like spices, wet ingredients like batter make chutneys, and more.

The Preethi Taurus Star MG-260 comes with high-quality stainless steel jars that are tested a lot.

Basically, stability tests, performance tests, and water load tests have been performed on these.

Because these tests have been done on this appliance you can relax as you will be getting good durability.

The blades of this product come with precision blades which is basically to ensure there must be proper optimum grinding.

The RPM on this machine is superb as it has 19000 RPM which will make all the grinding tasks easy.

It also comes with 3-speed controls which ensures that you can grind on speed number 1 for less performance and speed number 3 for the highest speed and performance of the motor.

If you’re in a hurry then you must try out speed number 3 to grind ingredients quickly.

The Preethi brand also claims that you can easily get perfect grinding in about 90 seconds only.

The other amazing feature of this grinder is the super extractor which is a boon for people who don’t have juicers.

The super extractor that comes with the Preethi Taurus Star MG-260 helps in extracting juices from fruits, coconut milk, tamarind, etc.

Because of this, you can easily prepare fresh juices for anyone who visits your home.

Some people nowadays are not consuming dairy products and hence not even milk.

For people like them, this product helps a lot as you can easily make coconut milk.

Apart from all these top-notch features the body and durability of this appliance are also amazing.

The ABS body can easily withstand heavy usage and it will ensure that this product can easily last for many years.

Also, noise of this product is not so loud as it is just similar to that of a hair dryer.

You will also be getting life-long service that too for free and without labor charge.

You will be getting the above service and also a 2-year product guarantee as well.

If you’re looking for a reliable kitchen appliance for all your grinding and mixing tasks you can definitely have a look at this product as it has got everything from stainless steel jars to a durable and long-lasting body and motor.

You cannot ask for more as you are getting everything along with an amazingly looking stylish product.

  • Color: Black and Blue
  • Number of jars: 4
  • Voltage: 240 Volts

  • Worth the money
  • Attractive dual color look
  • Great grinding speed
  • Gets little heated if used continuously

6. Bosch Pro

Bosch Pro 1000w mixer grinder

Is your family unhappy because you don’t prepare the kind of food and taste they need?

It is not because of you but because of the products, you’re using which are not doing their work properly.

Mixer grinder is a must for anyone and the Bosh Pro which comes with a 1000W wattage is a must-buy.

This model comes in black color and has a lot of features that will enhance the flavor of your dishes.

The PoundingBlade has a unique design with blunt edges and thick edges.

It is a unique kind of blade that actually replicates an effect that is kind of similar to pounding any dry ingredients using old-school mechanisms.

Since it has this unique feature whatever you try to prepare will automatically have that amazing aromatic and authentic texture and taste.

This authentic taste and texture will take you back to the olden days when everything was ground manually unlike using kitchen appliances like now.

The amazing stainless steel blades that offer high performance include wet, dry, and chutney grinding features, and they have become wet due to their usage.

The Bosh Pro has got a lot of great things out of which another feature is complete hands-free operation.

The hands-free operation is possible because of the unique lid locks.

The locks help hold the lid to the jar so that whenever you grind something it doesn’t come out.

One other thing is that you also will be getting a strong suction foot at the base of the body.

It will help the product to be stable and not move here and there.

You don’t have to continuously stand beside this mixer while grinding anything like with the old models.

You can just set it and go do your other jobs and can come back in a few minutes and have everything ready for you.

You’ll also be getting a concealed bush which helps in contamination-free mixing and grinding.

Because of the concealed bush, you can be less worried about your food being prepared in an unhygienic environment.

Also, if you’re away for a short time from grinding the ingredients then you may be safe.

Because this product also comes with an overload protector.

You can enjoy easy usage with this product as the high-quality stainless steel jars are designed very ergonomically.

The Bosch Pro has got an active flow breaker which is a patented technology by Bosch.

It ensures that batter is distributed evenly on all the sides of the grinding blades.

If you’re going to do a lot of wet grinding, then you can take advantage of the above feature, as the grinding blades will evenly distribute the batter when you wet grind.

Because of this, you get properly aerated batter hence you can enjoy fluffier and fine idly or dosas.

Not just will you be enjoying the regular mixing and all but you can also prepare fresh milkshakes or juices with the help of MaxxJuice Extractor.

The extractor is included to extract juices nicely so that the juice won’t be left remained in the fruit’s pulp.

To summarize, with this mixie, you get a lot of excellent features as it has got superior features and a user-friendly design for you to work with ease.

If you liked this appliance then you must definitely have it in your cart and buy it right away as you won’t always get such amazing products without them going out of stock soon.

  • Color: Black
  • Number of jars: 3
  • Voltage: 240 Volts

  • Heavy duty
  • You get a spatula
  • Jar lid lock is provided
  • Chutney blade is not removable

7. Philips HL7703/00

Philips HL7703/00 1000w mixer grinder

Are you amongst the people who stay in the kitchen for a long time trying to achieve that perfect taste?

To make sure that you achieve everything you will require, you can take a look at the Philips 1000 Watt Mixer grinder.

This mixie uses such advanced technology that it will give you the perfect blend in only 90 seconds.

The toughest of the tough ingredients can be easily ground using this mixie so that you don’t have to worry.

Often people come from the office with a lot of stress and they’re tired.

It is impossible to cut vegetables using a knife and at that time this product will help you out.

You can grind vegetables as well as hard ingredients like nuts and more with the help of this product.

It comes with a strong jar that is made out of high-quality materials.

Due to that it is very durable and robust and can easily last for a long time.

The jars are made out of high-quality materials and also have an amazing secured locking mechanism.

The secured locking mechanism will help this appliance to be leak-proof.

You don’t have to worry about anything like something that might leak out of the jars as it has got a mechanism that will secure the lid properly.

The jars that come along with this mixie have been made of good quality stainless steel.

Due to that you will get to use them for a long time period.

Phillips manufactured the blender jar for this appliance from polycarbonate.

This is not an ordinary one but unbreakable polycarbonate.

You can thank Phillips as they’re providing four jars when compared to only three jars.

Out of these 4 jars, three of them are stainless steel jars with a certain amount of capacity.

The chutney jar that you will be getting with this product comes in 500 mL capacity.

The other two jars that you will be getting are also of high quality and they have a storage capacity of 1.75L to 1L.

Because of this good capacity that has been given in the jars, you will be very satisfied when you’re going to use them.

Apart from these jars, you will also be getting a blender jar and it has an amazing 1.5 L capacity.

Using the blender that has a 1500 mL capacity you will be easily able to make smoothies and shakes.

You will also be getting speed control switch knobs that are very user-friendly to handle and operate.

The switch knobs will easily allow you to move into different speed levels.

Because of that, you can adjust the grinding speed accordingly.

The body of this product comes with an amazing and sturdy ABS body and it doesn’t easily break.

You can do heavy grinding operations and yet nothing will happen to the body of this appliance.

Due to the solid build of this product, you can be tension-free and it can easily last for many years.

The blade is made out of stainless steel so you get an amazing combo of steel blades with ABS body.

When we were reviewing few grinders which had another wattage we found that they weren’t designed to provide proper grip.

We found out that this product has a comfortable and strong grip when we reviewed it..

The product from Phillips is designed in a proper way with loads of features.

Also, the design aspect of it is also maintained well as it has got black and white color combinations.

The warranty on the motor of this product is for 2 years which is a good warranty period. The product warranty of this product is for 2 years as well.

To conclude, this is a best 1000 watt mixer grinder in india and is suitable for every type of person who is interested in food preparations as it is versatile, durable, and powerful as well.

  • Color: Black and White
  • Number of jars: 4
  • Voltage: 230 Volts

  • Nice Color
  • Value for money
  • Good motor performance
  • Some people may not like this white color

8. Bosch TrueMixx Style

Bosch TrueMixx Style 1000w mixer grinder

Everyone needs a helping hand in life like cleaning utensils a home help and so on and just like that for grinding food ingredients a convenient and efficient mixie is a must.

The Bosch TrueMixx Style comes with high-quality motor and 1 percent copper windings which are designed to deliver high torque.

It has got stone-pounding technology that helps to imitate the stone pounding effect just like the olden days when people used to pound in stone.

The stone pounding created a unique twist in the masalas and powders or pastes, giving them that traditional and authentic taste.

The blunt pounding blade is the reason for getting this traditional dry grinding and pounding effect replication.

Using this product you can grind and blend lots of ingredients very easily.

It comes with blades that are suitable for various types of grinding.

You may often wonder how street vendors make perfect dosas that stay crisp for a long time.

The reason for this is that they use appliances that help in making fluffier batters.

The appliances they use are nothing but the Best 1000 Watt mixer grinders in India but they have unique features which generate proper aeration.

The Bosch TrueMixx Style comes with that same effect which will help you achieve a taste like street-made dosas.

Unlike your old mixer grinders where you have to keep holding the lid while the process is going on you don’t have to do it in this appliance.

The Bosch TrueMixx Style comes with a hands-free operation feature making it easy for you to focus on other tasks.

The lid locks which come with the jars provide assurance that whatever is in the jar won’t be spilling out.

You will also be getting the strong suction feet which provide the appliance the strong grip that it needs.

Different quantities of jars are available for various purposes that you will receive.

The different jars are one for wet grinding, dry grinding, and chutney grinding.

If you want the stainless steel jars last for a long time, you’ve to use them properly and maintain them.

The wet grinding jar can be used to grind wet ingredients and the capacity of this jar is 1500 mL.

The dry grinding jar can be used to grind dry ingredients and its capacity is 1000 mL.

You can make green chutneys or coconut chutneys as well as you will be getting a chutney grinding jar.

If you’re someone who often feels tense that the mixie might get burnt if you grind for a long time but with this product you can relax as it has got an overload protector which makes sure the appliance remains safe if you’re overusing or overheating it.

Who doesn’t like inviting relatives or friends to their home on some occasions and making delicious food? Well, then that’s when this Best 1000 Watt Mixer Grinder in India will be your helping hand.

Since it has got everything checked out for a good grinder product and on top of that it also comes with a 2-year warranty you cannot ask for much as it is a total value for money product.

  • Color: White
  • Number of jars: 3
  • Voltage: 240 Volts

  • Grinds within minutes
  • Hands free operation
  • Heavy duty body
  • Cannot detach blades

9. Havells Klassic

Havells Klassic 1000w mixer grinder

The Havells Klassic is one of the Best 1000 Watt Mixer Grinder in India has a powerful 1000W double ball bearing motor that will help you to effortlessly grind ingredients very easily.

It comes in a black color that is very pleasing to the eyes and it is a blessing for anyone who also likes aesthetic appearances in the kitchen.

It has an amazing user experience because it has got stainless steel mesh, body locks, and a wider mouth jar.

The wider mouth jar helps you to put in more ingredients easily so that you can grind things in bulk.

Food-grade components have assembled the jar to prevent any chemicals from leaching into the ingredients.

Many people face issues as they have to replace their motor coupler every now and then.

To those people there is good news as the metal teeth that come with the motor coupler will help to ensure a longer life for the appliance.

The air ducts will prevent heat from damaging your product.

The ACS motor cooling technology helps in motor cooling which ensures your product last for long.

You will also be getting a 3-speed knob that will help to change the speeds of the appliance.

You will also be getting a pulse function that gives a pulse to the ingredients whenever required.

Due to the 21000 RPM, you will be able to enjoy higher and faster operations.

You can continue the grinding sessions for up to 30 minutes as this appliance supports that.

The Havells Klassic is one of the top appliances on our list that is an excellent investment for you.

If you’re someone who is looking to enjoy benefits like unique user-friendly design, long-lasting components, and a powerful motor that too at a reasonable price then you won’t get a better deal than this one.

It will totally bring uniqueness to the way you cook and for that reason, you shouldn’t miss the chance to improve your cooking game in the kitchen.

  • Color: Black
  • Number of jars: 4
  • Voltage: 230 Volts

  • Has high RPM
  • Value for money
  • Great performance
  • A bit of noise while operation


In conclusion, there are plenty of 1000 Watt mixer grinder products right now in India.

Some of them have a few added features and advantages which we have chosen after thoroughly and carefully reviewing them.

If you go through the article above then you will be easily getting the best 1000 Watt mixer grinder in India.

The models that we have reviewed have a lot to offer you like excellent performance, and durability.

You won’t be facing any troubles if you want to grind spices or blend anything for your family as they all come with high wattage, unlike the 500 and 750W models.

We have researched a lot and written this article so that it will help you save time and effort.

To wrap up, buying a proper mixer grinder which is 1000 watts will definitely change the process and time of your cooking.

As it is going to help you make nice recipes so that you can make your loved ones happy.

Don’t keep waiting, Click on buy now and select a mixer grinder so that you can take full benefit from them.

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Which mixer grinder is best in India 1000 watt?

There is no exact answer to this question but the best one on this list would be definitely Prestige Endura as it comes with everything that is ever needed.

Is higher watts better for grinder?

Yes, a higher-wattage motor is usually considered better as it can do tougher grinding. It can also operate at higher speeds hence producing fine results.

Which winding is better copper or Aluminium in mixer grinder?

Copper is better to use as it can withstand higher temperatures and it has good electrical conductivity.

Which are the top 1000-watt mixer grinder brands in India?

The top brands based on our research are Bajaj, Prestige, Preethi, Maharaja, Bosch, Phillips, Havells

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